Data Intensive and Knowledge Oriented Systems (diNo)

Observation, reflection and experimentation
in the Big Data era.
There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge: observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination.
Denis Diderot, 1753


Our Research

We are now witnessing an explosion in the amount of data being produced. It has become much easier than in the past to produce and gather these data, but increasingly more difficult to process and analyze them, because of their sheer size and complexity. This problem is relevant to more and more organizations and businesses around the world, and at the core of our research.

The diNo group focuses on topics relevant to massive data analytics, i.e., the process of analyzing large amounts of data, and to discovering new, non-obvious knowledge among these data.

The activities of our group involve work on how to efficiently and effectively manage data originating from various sources (sensors, services, users, social media, etc.), and integrate the proposed techniques to a host of new applications, including industrial manufacturing monitoring, scientific applications (e.g., neuroscience, astronomy, and others), services, cloud computing, social networks, and the Semantic Web.

We are actively participating in European and French projects, and have several industrial collaborations. The areas of our expertise include:
  • Large Scale Data Management
  • Data Series and Streaming Data
  • Data Quality and Data Privacy
  • Data Analytics
  • Semantic-Web Engineering

The diNo group is part of LIPADE, the computer science department of Paris Descartes University, an internationally renowned multidisciplinary university founded in 1774, located at the center of Paris.

We are always looking for motivated students, who are enthusiastic about the world of data analytics and knowledge management, to work with us!

Our research has been generously supported by:


some of the directions we are currently working on



Very Large Time Series Analysis for Predictive Maintenance



Preprocessing of Big Medical and Life Sciences Data



Multisources Data Quality



Astronomy Time Series Analysis


Square Predict

Insurance Data Analytics


Life Imaging

Medical Image Processing



Scientific Data Preservation



City Data Fusion for Event Management



Identification of Online Trade of Fake Medicines



Knowledge, Awareness and Prediction in Manufacturing

diNo Members

Salima Benbernou

Faculty member

Themis Palpanas

Faculty member

Ioana Ileana

Faculty member

Mourad Ouziri

Faculty member

Soror Sahri

Faculty member

Sonia Bergamaschi

Visiting Professor

Rim Touhami


Giovanni Simonini

Visiting Postdoc

Isam Elayaddi

Ph.D. Student

Anna Gogolou

Ph.D. Student

Michele Linardi

Ph.D. Student

Botao Peng

Ph.D. Student

Karima Echihabi

Affiliated Ph.D. Student

Pavlos Paraskevopoulos

Visiting Ph.D. Student

Yannis Theodoridis

Visiting Professor

Davood Rafiei

Visiting Professor

Renee Miller

Visiting Professor

Alexandros Karakasidis

Visiting Postdoc

Laura Di Rocco

Visiting Ph.D. Student

Kostas Zoumpatianos

Visiting Ph.D. Student

Novri Suhermi

M.Sc. Student

Adel Benaissa

Ph.D. Student

Xin Huang

Ph.D. Student


some of the topics you can study with us

Graduate Course (M1)

Advanced Data Bases: Modern Data Management Systems

Themis Palpanas

Graduate Course (M2 MIAGE)

Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence

Themis Palpanas

Graduate Course (M1 MIAGE)

Advanced Data Bases

Soror Sahri

Undergraduate Course (L3)

Advanced Data Bases

Themis Palpanas

Undergraduate Course (L3)

Design of Interoperable Information Systems

Mourad Ouziri

Undergraduate Course (DUT1/2)

Relational Databases

Mourad Ouziri

Seminars and Group Meetings

Seminar Series on Data Analytics

We are organizing the Paris Descartes University Seminar Series on Data Analytics.

In these seminars, we regularly host prominent researchers from universities and industrial labs around the world, and get to know their work in the general areas of data and information management, processing, and analysis.

You may consult the list of past and upcoming seminars.

diNo Group Meetings

We hold weekly meetings, where the members of the group present their ongoing work, and discuss published papers on data and knowledge management and analytics.

You may consult the calendar of past and upcoming meetings below.

Where we are

We are located in the center of Paris, in the bustling Saint–Germain-des-Prés area, and a short 5 minutes walk across the river Seine from the Louvre.

Once you arrive at the building (see map below), walk through the main entrance and straight ahead, make a right to the large hall (with the staircases), and take the elevator to the 8th floor. On exiting the elevator make a left, and walk to the end of the corridor. Our offices are located in the two corridors to the left and to the right.

Closest Metro stations (5-8 minutes walk):
St Germain des Prés (M4), Sevres Babylone (M10, M12)

Closest Bus stations (0-5 minutes walk):
Jacob (39, 95), St Guillaume (63), Pont du Carrousel–Quai Voltaire (24, 27)

More detailed directions, including maps with the metro/bus stations and instructions on how to arrive from the airports.